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Branding? Why it's Important

Branding Globally

It is more than a logo and tagline, therefore, branding is a promise of the value your organization and/or community can deliver.  As an organization especially the brand you promote conveys an image that leads to engagement with your customers, partners, and investors. As a community, your brand can recruit new companies and workforce. 

Branding Influences Community and Customer Engagement

Your brand influences how your audiences relate to your organization or community consequently through your website, social media platforms, newsletters, and other marketing channels. Working with Upsize Marketing Strategies will position your organization in the global market, using a structured and research-driven process. Our creative team is experts in branding, marketing, communications, and economic development.

Our Branding Process Reveals Your Authentic Value Proposition

We begin our branding or rebranding process with qualitative and quantitive market research.  Through focus groups, interviews, and SWOT analysis, our team of experts will discover your value proposition, however, a value proposition represents your organization’s or community’s competitive advantages that set you apart from competitors.

Leveraging three decades of experience, our branding team comprised of marketing experts, an art director, and a graphic designer will develop iterations of a logo and provide supporting elements, including taglines for your review.  The top choices are tested in focus groups.  Finally, the result of our brand development process is a brand guide to create a consistent set of guidelines that can be used by others charged with building your brand presence.

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Marketing Plans

Our research-driven plans offer comprehensive strategies that drive results

Digital Marketing

Research-driven digital strategies target key audiences with relevant content & messaging

Website Design

Intuitive design and content that highlight your competitive advantages

Community Engagement

Outreach and community engagement inform any comprehensive plan

Strategic Planning

Our collaborative and interactive strategic planning process delivers customized plans, based on research

Action Planning

Identifies and prioritizes tactics, responsibilities, timelines and resources that execute strategic plans

Economic Development Marketing

Led by a Certified Economic Developer, our strategies produce results

Project Management

Economic development project management services create and stand up programs

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