How can Digital Marketing Grow Economic Development?

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Digital Marketing can enhance traditional marketing efforts by offering better audience targeting for communities. It provides a new integrated experience for online marketing channels.

Communities can better manage marketing budgets and track performance. Digital marketing offers smarter monitoring techniques and more approaches to monetize marketing campaigns through channel analytics, automating growth funnels, and growing visibility quicker than ever. Why is this so essential?  Communities can make informed decisions. Particularly in the field of economic development, digital marketing helps smaller communities grow and larger communities thrive.

    Digital Marketing Grows Communities

    Digital marketing improves the overall effectiveness and efficiency of a community’s marketing strategy and communications plan. The communities that embrace new methodologies and are flexible to adapt to the new realities of today’s economy have a huge competitive advantage over their neighboring communities.

    Digital marketing is essential for bringing in new residents and workforce talent, attracting more business, and strengthening community brand perception all while maintaining a great quality of life for current residents. Quality of place has become an important factor in attracting talent and subsequently attracting business to your community.

    Here are some ways that digital marketing helps transform an economy.

    Data is Key

    Data is essential to crafting successful marketing strategies. Collecting and interpreting data from various channels could help strengthen community focus groups and SWOT interviews, industry analysis, and overall goals. Economic developers possess the expertise to leverage data for multiple applications, including:

    • Customer segmentation – Data allows economic developers to sub-group their customers and target audiences based on demographics, psychographics, and behavioral patterns. This leads to creating more efficient marketing campaigns and overall messaging for different segments of the audience.
    • Analytics – Website and Social Media analytics are crucial for a community’s success. Creating a web and social media presence is a great way to interact and engage with customers and expand audience reach. Communities must know the importance of web and social media traffic, to make informed decisions on current and future communication tactics. 
    • Measurable Outcomes – Data can also provide solutions to many communities and can suggest success rates of specific marketing initiatives after measuring the results against the intended benchmarks and goals for each campaign. Compared to traditional marketing, the costs are substantially reduced when communities depend on digital marketing techniques.

    Stay Ahead of the Curve- Grow Your Community

    These are only a few areas where digital marketing is changing how communities approach reaching and targeting consumers and leveling the playing field in a highly competitive economy.

    If you wish to grow your community and utilize the power of digital marketing, get in touch with a certified economic developer at Upsize Marketing Strategies. With nearly three decades of marketing, branding, public relations, and economic development experience, Upsize Marketing Strategies can develop strategic plans and marketing solutions that help upsize your organization or community’s economy.

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