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Talent Attraction & Northeast Louisiana Place Branding

 In 2015, Lumen, formerly CenturyLink, the second-largest IT company in the U.S., expanded its corporate headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana, adding 800 high tech positions. These knowledge workers are highly sought-after, and Lumen’s recruitment efforts were hampered by the negative perceptions of living in a small southern town.  Lumen tasked Christine Wong Rambo with rebranding a four-parish (county) region around Monroe in order to address the issue of pride in place and to support talent recruitment. During the rebrand, Christine conducted several focus group meetings to discuss Northeast Louisiana’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The stakeholder focus groups helped identify the region’s value proposition, which formed its new brand, Northeast Louisiana: “Find Your Opportunity.” 

Wong Rambo produced four quality of life videos, public service announcements (PSAs), a new website, social media ad campaigns, a monthly blog, and a digital ambassador program, which recruited nearly 100 champions to spread the new brand messaging through their social media platforms.  The Northeast Louisiana Branding program was highly successful. During the six-month promotional campaign, the Northeast Louisiana videos were seen 1.5 million times and generated nearly 8,000 clicks and an average click-through rate of 20 percent across different social media platforms. Visit the link below to view the four videos developed for the social media campaign.

Qualify of Life
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