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Our blog features critical resources regarding the latest trends and time-tested techniques furthering the economic development process. Regional or national conferences and other economic development events can be an extremely beneficial and efficient method to collaborate with other individuals and groups dealing with the same issue as you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Economic development means different things to different people. On a broad scale, anything a community does to foster and create a healthy economy can fall under the auspice of economic development. Economic development encompasses a range of activities from business attraction, business retention and expansion, small business development, workforce development, community development and more.  

In today's competitive economic landscape, if you're not investing in growing your community, then you may be losing out to rival communities.  Your community is in competition with other communities in attracting and retaining business and workforce and sales tax dollars. An investment in what economic developers call "product improvement"  will pay off in new job creation, new tax revenue, new private sector investment and a better quality of life for your residents. 

A community brand is a promise of what residents, visitors, and businesses will find when they relocate or visit your community.  A community brand is more than a logo and a tagline. It is the authentic community identity that resonates with internal and external audiences.  A community brand aligns with the community vision and mission. 

Upsize Marketing Strategies specializes in economic development marketing. Led by a Certified Economic Developer who is a practitioner in the field, your strategic plans will be research-driven, practical, and feasible. Your marketing, lead generation, and action plans will connect with decision-makers on issues that really matter to their industry and decision factors. 

Site selection is a process of elimination, whereby companies or their representatives such as a site selector evaluates communities and sites for suitability. The criteria by which a community and its sites are judged are based on the company's needs and business model. Therefore, a community can enhance its opportunities to be chosen if it understands its "best-fit" target sectors and improves in those areas and factors that are important to the specific target industry sector.