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Why the Upsize Strategic Planning Approach

Process is More Important than the Plan

Like the quote “success is a journey, not a destination,” the process of strategic planning is more important than the plan itself.  Strategic planning should bring your community together to embrace a collective vision of its future.  The process of stakeholders working together to develop a strategic plan forges relationships, collaboration, and partnerships and builds buy-in.  

Upsize Marketing Strategies follows a structured process, that incorporates community feedback with qualitative and quantitative research, SWOT analysis, and economic development best practices into an actionable and practical strategic plan. This collaborative process engages the client, key stakeholder groups, the business community, and community partners. 

Our four-phase process starts with research and discovery, economic and marketing studies and analyses, plan development, and finally monitoring and course correction if needed. Throughout this process, we gather feedback and input from our clients and their stakeholders to create a truly collaborative process. This process builds buy-in and ensures the plan meets your specific needs. 

Our research-driven Structured process

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Research & Discovery

We gather community feedback, qualitative and quantitative research to understand your organization or community

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Economic & Marketing Analysis

Using research and analysis, we evaluate your economic ecosystem, competitive advantages and unique value proposition to position you for growth

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Plan & Strategy Development

Our strategic economic development, action and marketing plans are designed specifically to meet your needs

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Feedback & Monitoring

We track the outcomes and key performance indicators to ensure your strategies and tactics are delivering results

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Great Falls Development Authority Strategic Planning

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Great Falls, MT Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

After decades of economic stagnation, the north-central Montana region of Great Falls, Montana experienced new economic growth and a renewed sense of optimism.  The region’s economic development organization, Great Falls Development Authority (GFDA), needed a new strategic plan to accelerate the economic momentum.  

GFDA engaged Upsize Marketing Strategies (UMS) and other partners to develop a strategic plan that incorporated comprehensive community engagement and input.  UMS conducted community vision workshops, one-on-one interviews, small group focus groups, and large town hall meetings. 

UMS also led the data analysis and research, environmental scanning, industry cluster analysis, and action planning. GFDA now has a comprehensive blueprint and action matrix with economic development strategies that will diversify the economy, enhance workforce development, and strengthen the business climate and infrastructure. 

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Our Services Deliver Results

Community Engagement

Outreach and community engagement build buy-in and inform any comprehensive plan

Action Planning

Identifies and prioritizes tactics, responsibilities, timelines and resources that execute strategic plans

Economic Development Marketing

Led by a Certified Economic Developer, our strategies produce results

Project Management

Economic development program management services create and stand up programs

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