Hector Talavera

Hector Talavera

Economic Development Research Associate

As Upsize Marketing Strategies (UMS) Economic Development Research Associate, Hector Talavera gathers relevant data and desktop research that tells a community’s story.  Hector’s analysis of demographic and economic data highlights relevant trends.

Expertise & Skills

Hector's Experience


Hector Talavera is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi University’s Economic Development Masters Program. He is skilled in economic development research and gathering relevant data sets that tell the story of a community’s economy. 

In his various professional roles, from Assistant Director of Scholarly Services at Southern Mississippi University to a Members Solution Assistant with Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union, Hector has learned leadership, a strong work ethic, and relationship-building skills for lifelong success.

In 2020 Hector received his Bachelors in Biological Science with an environmental emphasis. Currently, he earned his Master’s degree in Economic Development in Summer 2023. During his time in the program, he has had the privilege of being a Diversity Scholars for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He has also had the privilege of also pursuing a fellowship with Upsize Market Strategies to strengthen his knowledge and skills in economic development

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