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U.S Census population migration patterns

Brain Drain: Why Talented Professionals are Leaving Rural America

Why Talented Professionals are Leaving Rural America Rural America has been losing its best and brightest for years. Graduates of four-year colleges are moving from small-town America to bigger cities, oftentimes to pursue better employment opportunities in their career fields.  While graduates leave for various reasons, including less than competitive wages, fewer opportunities in their […]
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Holistic Approach to Persistent Poverty

Fighting Poverty Persistent Poverty Affects 19.4M People The “Persistent Poverty in Counties and Census Tracts,” study released by U.S. Census in May 2023 showed that nearly 11% of the nation’s 3,142 counties experienced persistent poverty, defined as having poverty rates of 20% or higher for the past 30 years (1989 to 2015-2019). 19.4 million people […]
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Remote Work Impacts on Commuting, Migration, Spending and Real Estate Trends

The traditional 9-to-5 workday may have become a thing of the past. Surveys show workers expect workplace adaptations to stick, because flexible schedules and reduced commute times outweigh the challenges of isolation and longer hours. According to research, employees value flexibility and believe a hybrid model is ideal. Employees want the option to work a […]
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website design

How can Digital Marketing Grow Economic Development?

Digital Marketing can enhance traditional marketing efforts by offering better audience targeting for communities. It provides a new integrated experience for online marketing channels. Communities can better manage marketing budgets and track performance. Digital marketing offers smarter monitoring techniques and more approaches to monetize marketing campaigns through channel analytics, automating growth funnels, and growing visibility […]
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Marketing Plan

Economic Development Marketing Grows Communities

Unlike B2C or even B2B marketing, economic development marketing is a unique marketing niche, requiring both an understanding of economic development and marketing strategies. Equal parts economic analysis and creative problem-solving, developing a marketing plan to effectively promote a community, region, or state requires a comprehensive understanding of the area’s economic value proposition. A value […]
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Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning is Important

Baseball legend Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”  That is the case with organizations or communities without a strategic plan. You may be headed in the wrong direction or just spinning your wheels. In the case of economic development strategic planning, a community […]
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Digital Marketing

Economic Development Website: Front Door to Your Community

In economic development (ED) marketing, a website serves as the welcome mat for your city, region, or state. An ED website represents the gateway into your community, providing a glimpse of what you have to offer. Any community and organization serious about promoting economic development must have a website strictly focused on recruiting companies and […]
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